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Squirrel babies are here!

Good news!  My Squirrel babies are finally here!  Poor babies had been lost for so long (more than 1 month) but I’m so happy they’ve found their way to me at last!

It's finally here! All the way from the US! ^-^

The unboxing - when I open parcels I get excited and impatient like a little kid who likes to use her hands so that explains the messy unboxing haha~

My squirrel babies!

Squirrel/Forest series Korilakkuma

Squirrel/Forest series Rilakkuma

Squirrel/Forest series back - the big 'bushy' tails are too cute!

They were waiting expectantly for me at my doorstep when I got back from work this morning.  As you might know, I am on night shifts for this week >.<

The first night shift is always such a killer, I hope tonight will be less busy and I’ll feel less exhausted.  I can’t wait to become a GP so I won’t have to deal with this sort of sh*t.

I love my squirrel babies ^-^  even Joe agrees they are ‘surprisingly cute’!

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  1. where did you buy these? are these the genuine ones?!! please help me i have been looking for the real ones for a very long time! LOL


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