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Night shift, chatting with Yumi

Last night’s shift was much quieter than the night before, I spent a great deal of time treasure hunting in auctions for further Rilakkuma candidates to add to my collection.

At about 4am, Yumi (my Japanese supplier) logged on Gmail and we started chatting.  Time passed fast as we chatted about our passion Rilakkuma.  We chatted for 3 hours before she had to go to tend to her online business.  Haha ~ the benefits of having online overseas friends – due to time difference, I still had a chatting buddy at 4-7am in the morning!  ^-^

It’s funny because I’ve never been into online chatting with friends, but lately I’ve been chatting with strangers from Thailand (now my Facebook friends ^-^) for extended periods of time about Rilakkuma.  Wow… that’s what it feels like to have a true passion/hobby.  It’s great how much happiness Rilakkuma can bring to me – even in the most unexpected times (terrible night shifts).  And it’s neat meeting people from all around the world who love Rilakkuma just as much as I do!  Rilakkuma brings us all together!

Here is a screenshot of my early morning chat log with Yumi, I thought it was quite funny (well, it’s kind of more of an inside joke really, to put it in perspective, Yumi is the sweetest, most angelic and warm person you could possibly meet… )

Please click to enlarge

Sweets/Candy/Cake series that we were dissing. I am getting the Korilakkuma one only.


Picture courtesy of Joy, my Facebook friend

I can’t believe she agreed with me hahaha!  That girl is so hilarious.

Anyway, here is a picture she sent me to brighten up my night shift – it really brought a smile to my face

Pouch pom pom Rilakkuma! It says "I ♥ Rilakkuma" on the back of his little T-shirt (see below). Awww kawaii!!! >O<

These cute Rilakkuma pouches come in Pink, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow and Blue - my favourite is of course Pink! But Rilakkuma's a boy, he really shouldn't be wearing pink haha. If only they made a Korilakkuma version of this!

She has him in stock – I think he is beckoning me to bring him home!  Don’t you?  (Joe won’t be happy reading this…)

Anyway, I have 3 more nights to go… I hope they will all be super quiet like yesterday.  Although time seems to pass slower when you are not busy… unless you have online friends to chat to about Rilakkuma!  haha ~

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