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Squirrel Kiiroitori (Night shift post)

As if having 6 Kiiroitoris from all over the world journeying their way to me is not enough…

I’ve just bought the following Kiiroitori from Yumi.

Squirrel/Forest Kiiroitori

It is currently 4.33am.  I am in the Women’s Assessment Unit working…. ahem…

My brain is not functioning optimally… so I will refrain from writing too much, lest I write silly and embarrassing things.

I asked Yumi whether my Kiiro’s face is cute and not misaligned.  So she sent me the following pictures –

Blurry pic of my Squirrel Kiiro from Yumi ^-^

My Kiiro has a cute face

He's smiling at me! He's happy I have adopted him. He will meet his 7 other brothers hahaha ~

So  I guess now I have in total 8 Kiiroitoris.  Not bad for someone who took a disliking to him at first.  Damn the Kiiroitori plague is infectious! >.<

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