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Relax time!

My night duty last night was not too bad.  I’m happy to be done with it and I don’t think I’d be taking up any more additional night shifts for the time being.  It’s quite taxing on my body and I’m always out of commission the following day […]

Night shift, chatting with Yumi

Last night’s shift was much quieter than the night before, I spent a great deal of time treasure hunting in auctions for further Rilakkuma candidates to add to my collection. At about 4am, Yumi (my Japanese supplier) logged on Gmail and we started chatting.  Time passed fast as […]

Friday the 13th!

Today’s Friday the 13th!  Maybe that’s why the clinic was extra busy today >.< I am super exhausted, good thing I can sleep in tomorrow.  I’ll be starting night duty this Sunday (22:00 to 08:30) which is totally going to mess up my circadian rhythm – might give […]