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Relax time!

My night duty last night was not too bad.  I’m happy to be done with it and I don’t think I’d be taking up any more additional night shifts for the time being.  It’s quite taxing on my body and I’m always out of commission the following day – which is not a great way to spend your weekends (I’ve been taking up additional night shifts every Saturday for the last month to fund my Rilakkuma collection).

Anyway, I stumbled across this plush on my daily treasure hunts and I just couldn’t resist sharing it with you guys!

Relax time!

Waaaaaaaaaa – he looks so comfy!!!  I feel so relaxed and sleepy just looking at him.

Tomorrow I will be able to meet my Hamburger Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori – YAY!  ^-^  I am still angry at myself for missing them yesterday when the couriers came.  You should’ve seen the little tantrum I threw – waaaa, like that how to be a good doctor?!  Ahem, anyway, if all goes well, you should expect to see photos of my Hamburger cuties up on my blog tomorrow (it’s either that, or a super angry tirade hahaha~).  Anyway, I’m going off to go grab some zzzzzzs.  Damn you night shift!

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