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Food to fuel the body

We went to Nishiki in Botany to eat lunch today.  We were initially planning to eat Vietnam food at Little Saigon but unfortunately they were still doing renovations.  Even more unfortunately for me, I wasn’t at home to sign for my Hamburger Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori so I’ll have to wait until Monday to meet them >.< I’m so sad!!!!

Here are some random food pics I took of our food at Nishiki (looks better than it tastes) –

My Japanese BBQ Pork Ramen - it was too salty >.<

Joe's Rainbow set - he said it was so-so only

Judy's special mini udon set - I think she quite enjoyed it

2 more days until I get to meet my Hamburgers >.< And I took up an extra night shift tonight.  Poos.

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