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Hamburger Kori and Kiiro!

I woke up at 5.30am so I could go pick up my Limited Edition Hamburger Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori from the mail depot before my work starts.  It was still dark so I had to use flash to take the photos.  I need to go to work in 10 minutes so I better make this post short and sweet –

Hamburger Rilakkuma will be coming soon too – in about a week’s time ^-^  Then my Hamburger set will be complete!

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    • The most I can afford right now is $50 T______T

      That’s really sweet of you but you don’t have to! I know how time consuming hunting for bargain kawaii plushes are -_-


  1. No problem at all =) I notice Yumi’s just put her Burger Kiiro up on her ebay for $64usd, if you change your mind you could grab it there.

    It is a hobby for me ^-^ so I don’t mind at all! Actually I see a lot of Kiiros at about $3500yen range for Japan auctions… I wonder whether you could strike a deal with Yumi? Do you want me help you ask?


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