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Pom Pom army is complete!

First of all….


♥ HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE!! ♥ (Picture courtesy of Rilakkuma-fan)

Next, I’m happy to announce that my Pom Pom Army is now complete!  Here are the unboxing pics (I was in the car going home from work) –

And now…

It is my honour to present to you….

MY POM POM RILAKKUMA ARMY!!!  Mwahahahaha~ they shall daze you with their kawaii-ness!

They are soooo sweet!  I love them soooo much! ^-^  I feel so happy just looking at them!  Don’t you?!

On another happy note – I put in my first Mirena (hormonal intrauterine device) today!  Woopie!  Such a career developmental milestone for me hahaha!  ^-^

Hope you are all enjoying Valentine's Day!

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