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My Kiiroitoris from Thailand are here!!!

My Kiiroitoris from Thailand and Joe picked me up from work today!

They travelled here so quickly!  They were only shipped out to me on Monday (3 days ago).

I have just finished my night shift and am very tired so I won’t write too much.  But here are the unboxing photos of my Kiiros!  I am sooooo happy!  ^-^  Aren’t they sooo adorable?!

The package was packed so nicely! I love how she made use of the Bon Voyage theme! I was in the car coming back home when I unboxed it haha ~ I was too impatient!

Oooooooooo! Can you guess what they are?

And the big reveal! Halloween 2010 Limited Kiiroitori and Bohemian Limited Kiiroitori!

My Kiiros say hello!

Kawaii! I love the vibrant colours!

My Kiiros are home!

Checking them out a bit

My Bohemian set is finally complete!

I am still waiting for my Rilakkuma from Yumi to complete my 2010 Halloween set.

These two Kiiros go for exorbitant prices in Japan!  But I was lucky to get an awesome price for them so I am beyond happy!

To be honest, I was initially very apprehensive about making this purchase as it seemed to good to be true.  It was my first time buying from a Thailand seller and I have to say I am deeply impressed.  She shipped them at lightning speed to me, she packaged everything beautifully and best of all – she charged me an unbelievably cheap price!  I highly recommend this seller!  Her name is Miwaku Miwa.

Thank you so much Miwaku!  ^-^

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  1. Hi Mary! I love reading your blog! All the Rilakkumas, korilakkumas, and kiiroitoris are soooo cute!!! ^_^ I, too, splurge on the kawaii trio!! I’ve been collecting the plushies and your collection is so impressive!! Just like you, I did not like kiiroitori at first but finally gave in eventually because hehe >_< so I was wondering if you know if your supplier from Thailand still has any more bohemian kiiroitori? I've been looking for that one with no luck 😦 please keep posting about your rilakkumma hunts!! They are so fun!!


    • Thanks Wendy! You are too kind! 😛 I’m happy you enjoy reading :)) Rila, Kori and Kiiro are just too cute right? Haha, sure! I can give you her contact details. I don’t know if she still has him though. Bohemian Kiiro is so expensive in Japan >.< you'll be looking at about $80-100USD to obtain him (if he's even on sale). Anyway, let me email you the seller ^-^


    • Those are two really cute series! My favorite has to be the ones where rila and kori dress up as cows (but too bad kiiro doesn’t in this series) it’s actually the very first Rila I ever got ^_^


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