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My Monthly Rilakkuma Budget

Okay – so I’ve lined myself up for several night shifts over the next few weeks to fund my Rilakkuma collection (seeing as my monthly Rilakkuma budget has recently been halved by Joe T-T) which means I can continue enjoying my daily Rilakkuma treasure hunt guilt free!  Furthermore, my monthly Rilakkuma budget renews in 1 week’s time so I’m super excited!

I am still waiting on a MASSIVE parcel (of happiness) from Yumi containing all my gorgeous rare Rilakkuma plushies from Japan auctions ^-^.  Once that highly anticipated parcel arrives, my blog will become filled with eye candies galore!  So stay tuned!

But unfortunately for now, I can only show you pictures from auctions I’ve been drooling over.  Guess what I saw in the Japan auctions today!  It literally made my jaws drop to the ground!

2009 Year of the Ox Limited Edition! OMG! Want, want, want soooo bad! >.<

Cute pink cow patches (to represent year of the Ox)

I would SOOOO get it – if it weren’t so expensive >.< and if I hadn’t already spent so much!  I’ve seen a set of these going for $90,000 yen before (= $1154USD = $1424NZD) I kid you not!  I’m not sure if it ever got sold but I’ve never seen it since so maybe some super rich collector bought it – damn you super rich Rilakkuma collector!  At least the price for this set is not nearly as ridiculous (and if I did enough night shifts and gave Joe enough massages I could potentially afford it).

Anyhow, sharing is caring, right?  So if anyone is interested in this set too, please feel free to contact me and I can help you secure these cuties.  Don’t you just love them?!

Here is another super rare cutie set up for grabs –

2008 Year of the Mouse Limited Edition!

This set is going for $15,800 yen bid and $24,800 buyout, so if you’ve been looking everywhere for this set today’s your lucky day!  If you contact me/leave me a comment below I can hook you up with them 😉

Also – on a bright note, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to ALL my blog readers from all over the world for taking the time to read my blog and wu liao posts haha ^-^.  And also thank you to those who took the time to vote on my poll!  Rilakkuma is currently leading, followed by Korilakkuma and lastly (as expected mwahaha) Kiiroitori.  To be fair though, Kiiroitori had previously been leading for aaaaggggeeeessss.

Massive THANK YOU to all my blog readers! Yes, that means YOU! ^-^

Don’t you think it’s wonderful how despite the fact that we all speak different languages, live in different countries and have never met one another before that Rilakkuma still connects us all together?!

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  1. Hi,

    I am a fan of Rilakkuma. But I started late so missed out previous old designs. Is there any way for me to get Zodiac Rilakkuma from 2007 – 2010. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    Soon Siong


  2. Hi! I am a huge fan of rilakkuma and have all the zodiac except for Rat and Ox T-T… Do you know of anywhere that are still selling them?

    Is it difficult to bid them from japan site?

    Appreciate your kind help and reply! ^^


    • Hi Anne, thank you for visiting my blog. I’m happy to meet another avid Rilakkuma fan and collector 🙂 sorry, but I don’t offer any seller advice/info anymore (please read here:, and even if I did – those series are extremely rare and expensive and your best chance is (as you’ve rightly stated) to try japanese auction sites. As for whether it is difficult, there are many 3rd party agents who can help you with bidding, but let me warn you already – these series are very rare/in high demand and therefore very expensive (at least $500usd IF they are available). Good luck!


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