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My MASSIVE parcel (of happiness) from Japan

I woke up extra early today so I could catch Yumi before she went to bed.  I needed to ask her about my hamburger set and the status of my MASSIVE parcel (of happiness) compiled of trophies from all the Japanese Auctions I had won.

I was ecstatic to learn that she would be able to secure my hamburger set on the 4th February (in 9 days’ time).  Apparently, because it is a limited edition, each person can only order 1 set – so she enlisted her son’s help to buy my set ^-^ so excited!

I decided to defer delivery of my MASSIVE parcel until she has obtained my hamburger set to save on shipping costs.

Here is a picture compilation of the contents of my MASSIVE parcel (of happiness) from Japan –

My trophies from winning Japanese Auctions! (+ Hamburger series)

I am also still waiting for 3 Kiiros who have been on their way to me since last week – the 2011 Year of the Rabbit Kiiro, the Bedtime Kiiro and the Rainbow suit Kiiro.  Any one of them could turn up at my doorstep any minute now!  Super exciting stuff ^-^

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  1. Hello Mia, thanks! Yep, I love the Rainbow series sooo much! I started late with my collection so missed out on buying all the Rainbow sets when they first came out (thus have had to pay exuberant prices for the few that I have). Thanks for letting me know about Private Import Japan, I will be sure to check that out too! Thank you for sharing and I hope Rilakkuma continues to bring you lots of happiness and ‘rainbow’ in your life everyday! ^-^


  2. Me too, Wish I’ve had Rilakkuma when I was still a child. It’s never too late. It’s all worth it now. I’d like to fill my room with lots of Rilakkuma Rainbow. I’m also checking Kiiros now at PIJ


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