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5 more days! ^-^

I’ve begun my countdown to the release of the Happy Picnic Limited Edition Hamburger series!

5 more days!  I can’t wait to see photos of the actual plushes!  I’m sure they will be plastered all over the net on the release day.  I will be doing night duty that Saturday… so hopefully seeing them will cheer me up and give me the fuel to keep going!

Yumi should have posted the first half of my MASSIVE parcel of happiness by now… so I should expect to receive it in about a week’s time.  Sooo exciting!  It’s something to look forward to after a dismal and dreadfully dull day at the hospital today.  It always sucks to be working on a public holiday (today was Auckland Anniversary Day) and to spend it rounding on an endless list of postnatal patients is torture no one should EVER be expected to endure.  It reminds me why I chose to jobshare O&G… argh… I am totally exhausted and drained from today’s work.

Anyway… on a happier note – 5 MORE DAYS!!!  YAY!!!

It's a sunny day. Let's go on a picnic with lemonade, hamburger and guitar!

Now I’m going to go play survival mode on Left 4 Dead 2 with Joe  – kill some virtual zombies to vent some of my inner anguish after the horror that was today.  Wish me good luck!  ^-^

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