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4 more days! ^-^

4 more days until release of Hamburger set Rilakkuma!!

Ahem, anyway – today two of my colleagues called in sick so I had to crosscover in gynae clinic and it was so damn busy!  It was just me, the consultant, the trainee intern and medical students!  And we had two bloody lists!  No registrars!  Gargh!  Luckily GP land has trained me well in the art of maintaining my composure despite sh*t.  Thank you to those kind patients that chose to DNA.

Anyway – I might be purchasing the following…

Bonjour Kiiroitori

Limited edition Christmas 2011 Kiiroitori (not getting the Rila and Kori because they all look ugly for this edition). Picture courtesy of Yumi.

Limited edition Kichijoji Hammock Edition - new, but without the tag (T-T, so sad). Picture courtesy of Yumi.

I think Joe will not be very pleased when he reads this… hahaha… but hey… it’s February in 20 minutes!  My monthly budget RENEWS!  Booyah!


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