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3 more days! ^-^

3 more days!  ^-^

Today’s Antenatal clinic was fully staffed but still pretty busy.  My Wednesday evenings are occupied by Winners and Losers followed by Harry’s Law so I haven’t had much time to engage in my daily ritual of Rilakkuma hunting today.

I’ve been thinking very long and hard about getting the 2009 Year of the Ox set… they are absolutely adorable!  Oh~ the TEMPTATION!

My parcel from Yumi should be arriving soon-ish, she shipped it on Monday and it’s only been 3 days (although it feels like it’s been forever!)… so I’m hoping once it arrives and I open it up and meet all my cute babies that I will temporarily reach satiety… long enough for this Ox set auction to be sold to someone else!!!  They are rather ludicrously expensive!!!

Anyway – a lot of people have recently asked me when I started collecting Rilakkuma.  I actually started out really late!  (thus have missed out on quite a lot!)  I only started in November last year after watching this Taiwanese drama called ‘Office Girls’ otherwise known as ‘小資女孩向前衝’.  I mentioned this during my first ever post titled ‘First post…‘ (I know, I am so creative right?).

Also, my favourite Rilakkuma character was Korilakkuma (and still is) but I really despised Kiiroitori (I couldn’t even be bothered to learn how to spell his name at first and always addressed him as ‘Chick’).  Since then, I’ve quickly caught the Kiiro plague and have been collecting him avidly since!

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