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Warning – Do not buy from Rilakkuma Online Shop

This is a tirade about a so-called Rilakkuma Online Shop ( based in Hong Kong.

I’ve thought of doing this blog post for a while now.  Initially I decided not to because I thought I was being a little too unfair on them, maybe they were too busy dealing with their Hong Kong customers during a busy holiday period, maybe they were only mistreating me and not other customers.

But I was wrong.

Here is a post from another blogger who had unfortunately fallen victim to this scamming shop.

You can read about it here

Luckily for me, I hadn’t received enough service to even reach the paying stage.  Frankly speaking, I received NO service at all.

I first came across this ‘reputable’ site whilst surfing for places to purchase rare/limited edition store plushies.  I thought my dreams had come true!  Countless number of highly desirable store plushies at delicious prices dazzled before my eyes.

Everything about the shop seemed legit – they had a physical shop address with a map showing how to get there, there were phone numbers to call, there were detailed and clear Terms and Conditions (in both English and Mandarin), they even had a Facebook page with thousands of fans.

So naturally being a shopaholic, I compiled a huge list of plushies that I wanted to buy from them and immediately emailed them.  And then I waited (im)patiently for their reply.  They had an automated reply system as well, therefore so far everything seemed very legit.

But a week went by and no reply.  So I decided to hurry them up a little and posted on their Facebook page.  They were kind enough to reply to my comment – telling me to be patient and reassuring me that they would reply.

Another week went by, and still no reply.  I was becoming a little frustrated at this stage, so I decided to go back on their Facebook page to comment.  But, lo and behold, I couldn’t comment anymore!  They’ve disabled my comment button on their Facebook page!  What a bunch of awful sad little people!  I couldn’t believe it, I thought I was imagining things.  So I decided to try logging on to Joe’s Facebook account to see if I could comment on their Facebook page with a different account – and to my dismay I could!  >.<

You’d think being blocked on their Facebook page would piss me off enough not to buy from them right?  Wrong.  I was so desperate to acquire some of their rare plushies that I decided a few months later to email them again.  Thinking maybe now that Chinese New Year has passed they would be more accommodating of their overseas customers.  But I was wrong yet again.  No reply.  Never.  Ever.

Anyway, *takes in a deep breath* my final verdict is that this so-called Rilakkuma Online Shop ( is the worst possible place you could ever buy from as an overseas buyer (can’t say for domestic Hong Kong buyers).  They have the worst possible service (or lack of), are dishonest sad little people who block you/delete your comments on their Facebook page and scam trusting customers (like poor Richelle) off their money.

If you’ve ever dealt with this shop before, please leave a comment below about your experience – either positive or negative – I’d like to hear about it ^-^

Thank you all for listening.

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    • Hello!
      Thanks! ^-^ Is there a specific Rilakkuma plushie you are looking for? There are various different sellers – but it would be easier for me to make suggestions if I know which series/edition you have in mind. Please email me at to discuss further ^-^


  1. I ban this shop forever!! Actually, I had family trip in Hong Kong to visit my grandmom on 22-25 Dec. 2011. I went to this shop and buy a lot of plushes to my customer around 7,000 HKD. I asked them if i went back to Bangkok, Thailand. How can i order your shop? She said you can email us: .

    When i’m back to Thailand, I want to order plushes from them. I waited their response for 3 weeks. Even though, i email them in English and Cantonese language. No No Any Response!! I’ve spent time for 1 month for waiting their reply.

    This shop made me feel horrible



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