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Screenshots of Happiness ^-^

This is what my mum ended up getting for me whilst at the Taipei Rilakkuma store in Taiwan 🙂

My Happy Picnic Flower Rilakkuma set from Taiwan ^-^ It looks like my mum's fulfilled her promise to me in choosing the cutest ones they have! 😛

Here are some screenshots from my mum’s video that she took of the store 🙂 enjoy!

You can watch the actual video here!

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  1.! I wish we had a store like this here! I spy a lot of mamegoma plushes! I love mamegoma 😀

    I also spy Tomorrow Frog and some Sentimental Circus.

    And yay for the picnic set!

    Oh, I meant to you ask you, I’m looking for this kirroitori keychain plush, I don’t want to buy it from this guy because…he’s not very nice 😦 I was wondering you know someone who’d be able to help me find it?

    Thanks Mary!


  2. Hello Richelle! Hahaha! Yes! This shop also sells a lot of other kawaii San-x goods! :)) So cute! It makes me so happy just looking at it!

    Now with regards to that keychain – haha, he’s not very nice so you’re not buying from him haha, that’s funny 😛 Ok, I’ll do a quick search and see if I can come up with anything! I will email you now 😛


  3. hi. .. I saw ur video really cute, and I love rilakkuma a lot and going to Taiwan for holiday can share w me where is thru story in Taipei? ><


    • Hi Niko,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m glad you enjoyed the video! My parents went to Taiwan to take that video on my behalf so I don’t actually know where the store is. You should be able to find out on the official San-X store list. Good luck!


  4. Hi!!!! Your vedios is super cute!!!! i tried check the san-x official website i could not find it. Can you tell me the addess o like maybe like a range like near where? I eally like it alot!!!!! can you tell me like near where then i will go search. I really want to know whee is it. plsssssss thank youuuuuuuuuuu. im really a fan of rilakkuma


    • This was in Taiwan and was taken by my parents when they went there. I didn’t go, and I don’t know where the shop is. If you can’t find the store list on San-X, then please email/contact them.


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