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Pleasant awakening

I had a pleasant awakening this Saturday morning!  Good thing my dogs were barking mad enough for me to wake up in time to catch the courier woman who was just about to leave a card to call in my postbox.

Here is what I received, OMG I love them so much!  They are so much cuter in real life!

So pretty!

My Happy 7th Rainbow Anniversary is complete! Woohoo!

Next one is the Sapporo Graffiti Nakayoshi (good friend) plush, aka Naughty Korilakkuma plush. It looks waaaaaaayyyy cuter in real life! Joe noticed it after coming home from his morning kickboxing session and commented on how cute it was and how Korilakkuma reminded him of me because she looked so cheeky! Hahaha! He usually never pays much attention to my kumas. This is a Valentine’s Day gift from him 🙂

The Naughty Korilakkuma one! So cute! (Sapporo Graffiti Nakayoshi)

Mwahahaha! Korilakkuma shows the boys who's boss!

Poor Kiiroitori - he was the first victim... that's what he gets for being a cannibal!

Hahahaha - Rilakkuma looks so relaxed!

Look at her face! So cute! It bears a look of indifference and cheekiness at the same time!

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  1. Wow, that’s awesome! It seems like everyday you have a new package of happiness waiting for you!

    The maracas kiiroitori is still the cutest out of all three 7th anniversary ones 🙂

    And the Naughty Korilakkuma one is adorable! The plush looks so soft! Your boyfriend/husband/fiancée (I’m not sure which one!) does kickboxing too? I love it, have you ever tried it?


  2. Hahaha! Yea, my husband does kickboxing weekly 🙂 he loves it! And my sister also does kickboxing. I personally haven’t done it before hehe >o< despite my husband nagging me to all the time.


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