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Busy busy busy

Today was super busy busy busy!  Haven’t had time to do my daily Rilakkuma treasure hunting yet >o< Also just bought an Ipad 2 (32gb, 3G wifi) 2 days ago so have been mildly obsessed with doing stuff on it haha.

Anywho… Joe and I did a bit of DIY on my Rilakkuma display case yesterday to make more space for incoming plushies.  I figured that I haven’t made full use of the space vertically:

Now I have more space for my kawaii kumas ^-^ Yay!  Unfortunately, I only had enough material for 4 partitions.  I am planning to add another 4 more 🙂

There is nothing better than coming home (from a hectic busy day at work) to a beautifully scrumptious meal prepared by your beloved –

A slice of Joe's heart 😉 (blueberry waffles. caramelized almonds/pistachio nuts, chocolate cake, custard, thinly sliced apples)

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