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Rainbow Ice cream & Monogram Kiiro!

Yay!  ^-^ My parcel from Japan arrived today!  I have to say the Monogram Kiiroitori is waaaay cuter than expected!  I am soooo happy I decided to get him!  I got him at a super cheap price too!  😛 (you can tell how excited and overjoyed I am by all my exclamation marks!  Haha!)

And also – wow!  My beautiful Happy 7th Rainbow Anniversary box is amazingly gorgeous!  I can’t believe I actually managed to secure one for myself!  I am still in so much awe!  >o<  I think I am one lucky lucky girl!  And yes, that elusive smug little Kiiro is in there too!  😛 😛

Here are my unboxing pics –

Very nicely and carefully packed

I told them to be very very careful with packing my Rainbow box ^-^

My theme! 😛

Guess who?!

I was amazed at how big he was! He also looks waaaaaay cuter in real life!

Couldn't stop staring at how cute he was so decided to take another pic haha ~

My Monogram set is complete! This is a gorgeous set! I will take a group photo with my Monogram Louis Vuitton bags tomorrow morning when the lighting is better (I don't have work tomorrow... YAY!)

Wow! I can't believe this is mine!

Amazing packaging >o<

Sorry bad lighting! You really have to look at it in real life to truly appreciate how vibrant the colours are. These photos don't do it any justice at all!

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