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2009 Christmas Korilakkuma

My agent from China has just sent me a photo of my 2009 Christmas Korilakkuma plush – definitely a huge mood booster (and maybe motivation) for me while I plough painfully through the endless pile of readings and assignments for my postgraduate O&G course.  Argh.  Total grossness.  Honestly, how do people work and then come home only to study?!  >.<

Also it doesn’t help that I am such as slow reader.  I’m so slow it’s not funny.  I complained to Joe this morning why the human brain couldn’t just download information easily like computers do, to which he responded that it kinda does.  Sigh.  I guess my brain is on dial-up speed.

Anyway – here she is!

The small mascot beside her is a free gift ^-^

My agent will be sending her out to me later tonight!  Exciting stuff!

Okay, I better get back to my tedious studying.  So depressing T^T

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