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Birthday Card from Louis Vuitton

I received a lovely birthday card from Louis Vuitton today ^-^ They even sent it fast post for me hahahaha!  I am worth being fast posted to!  I feel so special!  (though they are a week late… so they really didn’t need to fast post)

Damn – now I feel obliged to buy another Louis Vuitton piece to maintain my customer status there >o<

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  1. It’s great that they sent you card and it’s handwritten too!

    They never sent me a birthday card -_-. I just I don’t shop often enough there! I’m saving up for a wallet 😀


    • Thanks! Yes! I feel pressured to buy another LV item now! But I think I’m loving my kumas a little bit more so I’d rather spend money on those 😛 if only I could have both >.<


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