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The Unboxing

Today was an unbelievably super busy day for me – even had to drive around doing a house call on a bedridden patient in between my clinic patients.  I’ve only just got home about an hour ago and by then the beautitful sun had already set so I apologize for the bad lighting for these unboxing pictures.  I usually like to unbox and take pics under the natural sunlight so I can capture the true beauty of my plushes 🙂

Anyway – I’m in a rush to go watch American Idol with Joe & Judy so I better get onto the unboxing pics 😛

A lovely reward for a horribly busy day

Very nicely packaged. This was my first time buying from this seller so I have to say I am extremely impressed! (But shipping was not cheap so...)

Wow! Rilakkuma crisps?! I didn't even know they existed! And also a cute Rilakkuma letter from the seller ^-^

The Rilakkuma Store bag was pristine and completely unopened! I love it when sellers do that because it gives me the impression that I've made the purchase direct from the physical store myself 😛 (which would be a dream come true!)

Ta-da! My long-awaited for napping Rilakkuma with Blue Bird! (Joe says the Blue Bird is secretly trying to replace Kiiroitori! Hahaha!) Soooo sweet! ^-^

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  1. Yes! I should’ve done a post on the crisps! They were quite yummy. They were light and crispy (texture similar to a cross between cassava crisps and prawn crackers) with a gentle umami flavour. Best of all – they were shaped like Rilakkuma’s head!!!! Joe said they totally should do a Kiiroitori version – I chimed in that then it should be chicken flavoured and giggled at my own joke. lol.


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