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May Marine Rilakkuma

Here are the Marine Rilakkuma plushies which will be released in May

Marine Korilakkuma

Marine Rilakkuma

I’m not sure if Kiiroitori is available?  I’ll ask my suppliers and find out 🙂 I’m still uncertain about getting these because I’m not really into the whole sailor/marine suit thing… but I have to say the detail is impressive!

I’ve already pre-ordered the Bathroom Rilakkuma series (will be released in July) – they are too cute!



Also, recently I’ve had a few trolls on my blog.  If you are reading this, please remember I have zero tolerance for spammers/liars/haters/trolls so I will remove or block your comments.

Luckily most of my readers are awesome!  Thank you for all your support and time!  ^-^

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