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My bathroom Rilakkuma set is here! :)

Okay, I know it’s been more than a month since I last blogged hehe… and it’s mainly because I haven’t acquired any new Rilakkuma plushies to boast about!  I don’t believe in blogging when you have nothing relevant to blog about, I mean, why should anyone care what […]

May Marine Rilakkuma

Here are the Marine Rilakkuma plushies which will be released in May I’m not sure if Kiiroitori is available?  I’ll ask my suppliers and find out 🙂 I’m still uncertain about getting these because I’m not really into the whole sailor/marine suit thing… but I have to say […]

Newest! Bathroom Rilakkuma!

Take a look at the newest Rilakkuma design featured on the most recent San-X catalogue!!! OMG!  So cute!  They are in their bathing gear, each holding his/her own little toy!  And Kiiro is wearing a bath towel around his hips!!!!  HAHAHAHA!  Such a funny little bird. I’ll definitely […]