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My bathroom Rilakkuma set is here! :)

Okay, I know it’s been more than a month since I last blogged hehe… and it’s mainly because I haven’t acquired any new Rilakkuma plushies to boast about!Β  I don’t believe in blogging when you have nothing relevant to blog about, I mean, why should anyone care what I wore to work today, what the evil pysch nurses said to me today, how my psych patient first tried to attack me then 5 minutes later propose to me or what I had for lunch today and how it made me nauseated beyond belief (which is pretty much how I feel like most of these days, for very good reasons though…).

Anyway, even though my Rilakkuma blog has pretty much been dead for the last few months or so (so sorry my dear Rilakkuma fans >.<)… my life has actually been (contrary to popular belief) super exhilarating/exciting/mind-blowing… I would go so far as to say that this is THE MOST exciting phase of my life! ^-^

But like I said – you’re here to see pics of my kawaii Bathroom Rilakkuma plushes so I will shut up about my awesome life now and proceed to post my pics for you πŸ˜‰

I was slightly offended by the muddy crap splattered all over my Rilakkuma bag

Staying true to the Yumi tradition – she sent me a small gift of edible sprinkles with a letter

And finally! Ta da! My bathroom Rilakkuma set! Kiiroitori looks extra fat and pudgy here hehe

The other plushies in this bathroom line have also been released, here are their pics –

To be really honest with you, I don’t know whether I’ll be adding those to my collection… I know I said in my previous post that they are ‘supah cute’ and that I would ‘definitely be getting them’ but eh… I’ve changed my mind after seeing them in plushie form.Β  They don’t ‘wow’ me like how the marine ones did.Β  Who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind some day (yea… probably when the price skyrockets T.T)

Also – for all you WoW fans/addicts, as of this morning, Mist of Pandaria has a release date! 25th September! (as if you didn’t already know ;p). Finally, I can actually DO SOMETHING with my toon again.

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  1. Hello! Long time since you’ve blogged. OMG! Are you expecting? πŸ™‚ Congrats if you are πŸ˜€

    The san-x bathroom plushies are really cute. Can’t wait to recieve them. There are several limited edition series arriving: Clover series, Tower records. Are you going to get them?

    I also just saw the WoW expansion release date this morning… Insane nights, here i come! Hahaha…


  2. Thanks Amanda! :)) Ooooh! Are you a WoW player too?! Omg! We have the exact same interests!

    Yea, I saw the tower records ones πŸ˜› will not be getting them… they remind me too much of king-kong lol.

    I haven’t seen the new clover ones yet – I know they’ve done the clover theme before too! It was about the same time the cow ones came out. They were quite cute!

    Hope you get your bathroom series soon! They are so cute! The bubble/foam is sparkly! But you can’t really see it from my photos 😦


  3. Mary! It’s been so long since I’ve last commented on your blog, I’m so sorry about that! School and then my huge Asia trip came along XD

    Omg, I LOVE the bath series! I actually bought a kiiroitori one from Kiddyland in Harajuku! I was debating about wether to get Korila but decided not to.

    The limited series bath ones are SO cute! But they’re so expensive so I probably won’t be getting them either -_- But I totally agree that they looked much cuter in the promotional poster than in real plushie form…


    • Haha! No problem at all Richelle! πŸ™‚ Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy yourself too! Huge asia trip! I am so envious!

      Awww, that Kiiro is kawaii! Would’ve been my choice out of that set too! πŸ™‚ and yea, I agree the price does start adding up when you decide to collect all of them in the series


  4. Hey Mary! So glad you made a new post! Been waiting for it πŸ™‚ the new bathroom series is so cute! They are releasing so many limited ones at once 😦 its hurting my wallet lol I believe summer is when they release the most? 6 new bathroom series ones, 3 clover ones, and 3 tower records British rock band ones, it’s too many to count! It’s getting hard to keep up T_T but I am glad you are having an exciting life! I am curious as well, are you expecting?? Cause that is indeed exciting news if you are


    • Haha! Yes! I totally agree!!! What is with the sudden influx of limited series?! It’s crazy huh. I’m also trying to choose the ones I like the most so my wallet will stay happy. Yes! I have seen the british rock band ones – they are sooooo cute! I was just about to blog about those! Hehe, don’t think I’d be able to resist those cuties πŸ˜‰


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