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Happy Easter!

Rilakkuma and I wish you all a very Happy Easter Weekends!

Sorry this is a bit late and it’s already the last day of the long weekends!  I’ve had to work dreadful long days for the past few days so have been pretty busy with that.  The weather looks gorgeous today!  Lot’s of nice sunshine 🙂 This autumn has actually been pretty warm with lots of good sun!

Sorry as well that I haven’t been blogging as much these days.  It’s mainly because I haven’t had any new addition to my Rilakkuma collection lately.  I’m still waiting on a few things from some sellers (can you believe that I’ve been waiting for 4 months with some?!).  Oh well ~ I hope my patience and trust will pay off and that I will end up cuddling my long-awaited for plushies soon!

Anyway, I’ve got some just baked chocolate cookies to munch on!  Hope I’ll be able to make more Rilakkuma adoptions soon!

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