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Tokyo Skytree Limited Edition

Wow – it’s been a long time since I last blogged!  >.< It’s also been a long time since I last adopted another Rilakkuma plushie!  It’s quite depressing really.  I’ve been super busy with work + my postgraduate diploma.  I find it so hard to study/do assignments after coming home from a busy day of work.  So tedious!  It’s like med school all over again!  Grrrrr ~ someone kindly remind me why I’m doing this diploma again?!  Sorry, I’m having an acopic moment (more like an acopic week!).  I think those 14 hour shifts at the hospital last week really killed me bad.

Anyway – on a brighter note, one of my Facebook friends, Moon, alerted me to the new Tokyo Skytree Limited Edition –

They are 1995 yen (about $30NZD or $24USD).  They were featured in the May 2012 San-X news.  Their release is to celebrate the opening of the Rilakkuma shop at the Soramachi Tokyo Sky Tree Town on the 22nd of May!  How exciting!  I reckon Japan has too many Rilakkuma stores and they need to donate some to other countries (ie: New Zealand).

Anyway, not sure if I’m a fan of those aye.  They may be limited… but I’m not digging them at the moment.  I guess that Sky Tree Town thingee does look a bit like the Sky Tower we have in Auckland.  Lol.  Does that make me want to get it more?  Um.. no… not really.  The food at Sky Tower kinda sucks.  And it’s full of gambling.  I hate gambling.

In the mean time, I look forward to the release of the Marine Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma next month.  Pity they don’t have Kiiroitori – he would make such a cute little sailor!  Sorry to be a hater but I’m not a huge fan of the whole marine theme though – but I do like how sweet Korilakkuma looks in her pink uniform so I might just succumb and buy them.  Will keep you updated ^-^

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  1. My first thought was it looks like they are holding onto the Sky tower, like King Kong with Empire state building.
    The tower also kind of look like syringes too, for some reason, or maybe I am just weird. 0_o


  2. Not a fan of the Tokyo Skytree editions, it looks really weird. I don’t like the sailor ones either but I like the pouches that they have for that one!


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