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Furry Korilakkuma is here at last!

YAY! My furry Korilakkuma is here at LAST! ^-^ She came all the way from Japan.  Here are her unboxing pics!

I’ve had to wait 6 months for her because the initial sale fell through.  So I’m so happy this cuddly furry set can be completed at last!  My furry Rila will be lonely NO MORE!  ^-^

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  1. Congrats!!!! I love the furry rila and korila, they’re one of my favourite plushies. I’m glad that Rila can finally be with Korila now!

    I left both of mine at my boyfriend’s house so that there’s a bit of kawaii at his house too 😀


  2. Can you show me the tag perhaps? I’ve looked forever for it but cant find any that look like that so do you know the Japanese name on the tag?


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