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Life is too good!

The cutest babies arrived from Singapore this morning!  They both brought a huuuuuuge smile to my face *U*  I can’t believe how cute they are!  Anyway, enough blabbering from me.  Let these pictures speak for themselves!

OMG! *O*

*O* *O* (melts)

My 2009 Christmas Kiiroitori! Omg! He is sooooooooo cute in his little red knitted suit! And that sparkly pom pom! >o<

Wow! She is soooooo pretty! I really love this Korilakkuma! I’ve wanted her since Day 1, but she was on pre-order then. Now I finally have her! WOOT! I love all that pink frilliness!

My Christmas 2009 edition is finally complete!

My sweetest candy series is now complete!!!! ^o^

Joe also melted with a smile on his face (haha, hope he doesn’t read this) when he saw the two (esp Kiiro).

Man!  Life is too good right now!  I am on annual leave this week and I just bought my very precious Louis Vuitton Westminster GM 2 days ago. That bag is like the best. bag. ever!

Westminster GM in the Damier Ebene pattern. I prefer the Damier Ebene range to the Damier Azur range because 1) low maintenance (no vachetta, no colour transfer issues) 2) subtle yet luxurious and classy 3) easy to match outfits 4) the red lining is absolutely gorgeous!  I didn’t get monogram because I have too many! And again, I get very paranoid about all that vachetta leather!

Also got my initials heatstamped in gold ^-^ matches the bag really well!

It’s very hard to fully capture the richness and beauty of the canvas with my android phone… this photo doesn’t do the bag any justice at all!

Happy me!

Also – on a very random note…. Diablo 3 comes out today at 7pm… yes… it’s sad, but Joe pre-ordered Diablo 3 for me (against my will) so I am forced to play.  He told me I could buy a LV only if I played Diablo 3 with him.  Grrr.  This reminds me of WoW all over again.  Hope he doesn’t make me power level tonight… because I have lots of work to do 😛 but I get the sinking feeling he will.  I’m going so far to say that he might even saturate himself with caffeinated drinks and pull an all-nighter just to level our toons…. though I sincerely hope not.

Anyway, if you also happen to play Diablo 3 and want to meet up in-game to do stuff together then please leave a comment below ^-^ or add me – my Battle tag is KORIMARY#6440

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  1. Hehe, my hubby just got back from the midnight launch in irvine with his collector’s edition of diablo 3 and a regular version for me. He is making me play diablo 3 with him too!!

    That LV bag is soooo nice!!! Wish I could afford one… If only I didn’t spend so much on rila and friends


    • Haha! Oh no! Persistent hubbies >.< if you do succumb and play make sure to add me!

      Rila and friends are very expensive right? They are like the LVs of the soft toy world. The other day I saw the Halloween 2010 Rila set going for 58,000 yen in the Japanese auctions (and it's still going up) which is like 1000nzd or 800usd!!! It's crazy!


  2. Hahaha… My fiance is also hooked on diablo 3 and he is “asking” me to play too! I’ll add you when i eventually play 🙂

    Enjoy your leave 🙂


    • Thanks! Haha, the game’s not too bad so far. Lots of mindless clicking and colourful bright lights lawlz. Do add me if you finally give in and decide to play hahaha!


  3. Yup, currently playing 🙂 I will definitely add you! So true, that is the best comparison ever! They are the LV’s of the plushie world lol I saw that auction too! Can’t believe it’s going for soooo much!! And the auction’s not even over yet 😮 I am looking for the rila and kiiro but now there’s no chance I could get them 😦 had no idea this series was so popular and rare even though they are indeed super cute!!


  4. Yay congrats! I have a Piyo Piyo plush that looks very much like the Christmas Kiiroitori.

    Love the LV! I’m hoping to be able to get my wallet by this December, fingers crossed. On Tuesday morning, at around 7 AM, I was on my way to work and I saw people lining up at BestBuy for Diablo III XD


    • Wow! Sorry just read this comment! Aww Piyo Piyo is soo cute! :))

      Also! Excited for you about the wallet! ^^ Just gotta love these luxury goods! I’ve stopped playing D3 lol! Hahaha, got bored with it quickly… but I’m now back into WoW >.<


  5. Hi, which singapore seller did you get the plush toys from? I couldn’t find a seller in Singapore selling authentic plush:(


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