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My Italian Leather Bag Business ^^

Attention all you lovely ladies who read my blog! ^^

I am re-starting my leather bag business again! 🙂 and this time, I ship internationally!!!!

My shop is still under construction and I am still sorting out what bags I want to stock under my brand name: MJ Forever!

All my bags are handcrafted from the finest imported italian leather crafted in Tuscany and are hand-selected by me!

Here is my website:

I am offering all my blog readers 5% off 🙂 just mention my blog name when you checkout your order 😉

Here are some pics of the bags I’m stocking so far…

Rhea in Mocha

Luxurious satin lining

Selene in Noir

Black satin lining

Selene in Mocha

Apricot satin lining

I will keep you all posted when I update my stock! ^^

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