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Rhea, Selene, Hebe – Take your pick!

I have updated my stock and website ^-^ Mention my blog and get a 5% discount 🙂

Check it out now at MJ forever!

Rhea in Mocha

Rhea in Noir

Hebe in Mocha

Hebe in Noir

Selene in Mocha

Selene in Noir

On a random note, I’ve already gotten bored with the most highly anticipated game of all time – Diablo 3.  So now I’m replacing it with WoW (ie: World of Warcraft).  I used to be a total WoW addict (I quit about 1 year ago) so this is kinda bad… but I figured it’s the best time to pick up again with the new expansion coming out – Mist of Pandaria.

Haha – the new Pandaren race is such a crack-up. Also, really like the traditional Chinese theme the Mist of Pandaria takes on, very pretty 🙂

I can start afresh, power level and be one of the first to hit level 90 and reap all the good gear early.  Furthermore, I’m only going to concentrate on ONE toon!  (as opposed to ten)

Anyway, I’m at Dath’Remar as horde – main toon’s name is Mardelia, if you’re there too please please ADD ME!  WoW is a game where number is power lol.

Also, if you haven’t noticed already, I’ve added a page to my blog yesterday dedicated to my cute Rilakkuma collection.  You can access it here

It features pictures like these –

SUPAH CUTE RIGHT?! Haha, so make sure you check them out at the link above, OK? ^-^ Hopefully they will bring a smile to your face. Enjoy!

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  1. Missragdoll – thanks for your support! ^-^ The leather is very thick, smooth and buttery and smells so good!!!

    Richelle – Thank you!!! I can cut you a big discount if you are still interested ^-^ (only because you’re a very special friend)


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