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Rilakkuma with hearts! Kiddyland edition!

I don’t have much news on the newest Rilakkuma plushes scheduled for release on the 14th July 2012, but here is a poster for you all to drool on!

Supah cute right?!  Love the one where Kori is washing Kiiro with a strawberry (wtf?!).  This Kiddyland edition would go well with the bathroom edition which is scheduled for release in July too!  I’ll definitely be getting these!  Can’t wait!  ^^

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  1. Hi there, are these exclusive only to kiddyland? May I know where I can buy them online? super cute!!

    🙂 thanks for helping!


  2. The bathroom series is adorable! After 1 month of no new plushies release, this dose of cuteness makes up for it 🙂

    Are you going to get the entire bathroom and kiddyland edition series? My supplier has priced the kiddyland series at about double the price of the bathroom series 😦


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