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Halloween 2012 ^-^

My Halloween 2012 Rilakkuma set arrived couple of days ago ^-^! All the way from Japan! 😛

I love how pudgy they look in their little Halloween sacks hahahaha ~ and the colour scheme (as I’ve mentioned before) is absolutely fab! Loooove the milky pink and purple 🙂

Here are the unboxing pics!

I love how carefully this seller packaged my plushes. Also love how he always sends the Rilakkuma plushes in their original bags! It’s like I went to Japan and bought the cuties myself!

Free gifts are always a plus!

Awwwwwwww >o<

Super cute!!!

A new addition to my Rilakkuma collection – the 2012 Halloween Rilakkuma set!

Hope my cuties have brought a smile to your face today! 😉

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