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Pudding Rilakkuma is here!

My Pudding Rilakkuma set is here! I managed to win these cuties at a decent price from Japanese auctions. The yellow pudding poncho is so cute and soft, looks much more vibrant than in the pictures. Also totally love the little white pom poms. Best of all, these cuties remind me so much of my dearly beloved and missed Taiwanese pudding!

My dearly beloved and missed Taiwan Pudding!


I grew up eating Taiwanese puddings (you can’t get them here in New Zealand, here you can only get those too-sweet cakey type) and I miss them so much! In fact, one of my most memorable comments to my grandma before getting into the taxi to the Taipei airport (this was at least 18 years ago – I was about 7) was how much I wanted to eat pudding; this left my grandma sad and wondering whether they had the same puddings in New Zealand 😦

My Pudding Rilakkuma set!  Love it!

They celebrate the 4th Year Anniversary of the Umeda Rilakkuma Store.  Totally love the cute & detailed matching Pudding tags

Love the sparkly gold stitching 🙂

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