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Kichijoji Strawberry Rilakkuma – SOLD OUT!

So I thought I wouldn’t have much competition for the 2nd Anniversary Kichijoji Strawberry Cake Rilakkuma set (recently released on 6th October) on Ebay, but I was dead wrong. It was gone by the time I went back to check the day following its release. Poos. And it was at such a good price too!

I thought maybe the seller had taken it down or the auction had expired (it was a pre-order auction, so it had been running for a few weeks already), because surely there couldn’t be such a MASSIVE international market for it right? I mean, $40-50USD per plush is quite a lot to ask for a toy, right? Again, dead wrong. The kind seller replied to me and said:

“Sorry, sold out…
Kichijyoji shop was full house!

It takes 2hours for get them:(”

What the?! O_O Are you for real?! He even linked me the following photo as proof:

Kichijoji store is PACKED!


I was so distraught! Now I was determined to get my hands on these highly-demanded cuties no matter what!!!!

So I paid a visit to the Japanese Auction sites, and lucky enough, there were a couple for sale (there was quite a bit of competition for these too!)… but I am happy to declare that I managed to secure a set! Woopie!

These are the cuties that I will be welcoming to my display cabinet in the next couple of weeks!


On another note, check out the Egg set and the Chicken set:

Egg set Korilakkuma

Egg set

Chicken set

Are you a fan of these at all? Because I’m not…. I still don’t understand why Kiiro is so happy/excited about cooking/eating eggs. And why is he dressing up as a chicken? He IS a chicken! Doesn’t he know?! Poor little guy… identity crisis.

Anyway – I thought I’d share this pic with you guys because it is just SOOO cute and sweet! It belongs to my friend, Moon Buu… who is totally addicted with the bedtime series 😛


Okay, time for me to sleep now, GOOD NIGHT! ^-^

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  1. I actually really like the egg set! I think it’s so cute that Rila is chewing on the egg toast and Korila is making some eggs. But it is a little weird that Kiiroi is dressed as a chicken and seems really happy about eating his own siblings X_X

    I’m actually trying to get a hold of the set but I’m not sure if they’re all sold out yet. I hope they’re not ridiculously expensive T_______T


    • Hey Richelle,
      I have seen quite a few of them for sale, and the price is actually very decent.. Not expensive at all. The price might jump up soon though so make sure you grab yours before it’s too late! Hehe.


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