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Strawberry cake Kichijoji Rilakkuma

Woopie! Was just in the middle of doing my spring cleaning while my husband was away at his 3-day conference when I was interrupted by the pleasant sound of door-knocking from the courier woman. Was so happy to finally receive my goodies from Japan.

I won these all from the Japanese auctions. The big korilakkuma is for my baby girl 🙂 (she’s so gonna totally love it! it’s sooo soft and squishy) and the Kichijoji 2nd Anniversary strawberry cake set is for my collection. I am so happy I decided to bid for this set because Korilakkuma looks so irresistibly adorable and sweet in her little pink strawberry poncho – I just want to gobble her all up! 😛 Not a massive fan of Rilakkuma’s nappy suit, but hey, Korilakkuma’s sweetness definitely makes up for it.

Summer – ie: the strawberry season – will be coming soon! Yay! So excited! I’ve been craving strawberries throughout this entire pregnancy, I can easily finish 2-3 punnets a day! Each punnet costs ~$4.00 (because it’s not strawberry season yet :(), so you do the maths on how much I’ve spent on strawberries so far…. Can’t wait for when they are dirt cheap 😛

Anyway, here are the pics!

This is going to be baby’s cuddle buddy 🙂 She’s so cute and soft! I kinda want one for myself now 😛

A glimpse of baby’s cuddle buddy corner 😛

Unboxing continued… love it when they give me the rilakkuma store bags! Such an authentic shopping experience!

Ta da!

Celebrating the Kichijoji Rilakkuma Store’s 2nd Birthday!

Awww! They (esp Korilakkuma) look sooooo yummy! Don’t you just want to devour them?! 😛

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  1. Korilakkuma is adorable! But it never feels right if Rilakkuma isn’t with Korilakkuma so that’s why you had to get the set 😉

    Aww, your little girl is totally going to adore the big Korila! Going to get her into kawaii things at an early age 😀


    • Haha you are 100% correct! I can’t imagine getting Kori without Rila and vice versa 😛

      Yes! Totally going to get her immersed into the world of Kawaii early hehe, and she can inherit my collection in the future too! hahahah ~


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