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Arcade Sona League of Legends Model

My Arcade Sona (from League of Legends) model is here!  😀

I really like this skin for Sona because it’s super cute and colourful. She’s a gamer girl here just like me! ^-^  Here is a splash art of her –

Here is her in-game 3D model –

Arcade Sona Model

Here is my model –

Arcade Sona


Arcade Sona

Sona top

I am also waiting on my chibi clay model version of her –

I feel with my Arcade Sona model, the colours are a bit washed-out compared with my Road Warrior Miss Fortune model. Oh well, I’ll still be keeping her safe in a glass dome display case just like what I did with Miss Fortune 😀

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      • Wow that’s a good idea! The rainbow color will definitely stand out more. If you don’t mind me asking, are they really expensive? I imagine so because they are custom made?


      • The chibi ones aren’t expensive – maybe about $30-40 depending on how complex the design is. The non-chibi statue one is quite expensive 🙂 About $200


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