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My Little Pony: Commissions

So… I’ve been busy… busy spending a LOT OF $$$$ that is… with the money I’ve spent on pony commissions so far – I’d probably be able to buy a Louis Vuitton bag… or even two ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Not good news for my wallet at all. But I can’t sleep at night unless I COMMISSION THOSE SUPER TALENTED ARTISTS FOR THEIR AMAZING PONIES! And having received my first pony plush – Apple Bloom – I feel pony plush collecting is my calling XD (omg, so cheesy)

I find it beautiful that each plush artist has their own unique design/style, and each pony is a unique work of art. AND you can’t just throw money at an artist and expect them to craft a pony for you – most of the time, you have to WAIT for your turn to throw money at them (could take months!), and that’s only IF they are accepting commissions. A lot of them don’t. So all you can do is stare at pictures of their beautiful pony plushies, and nag at your significant other about why he can’t sew at all!

Anyway – I’ve been lucky to secure a few commission spots from some super talented artists ๐Ÿ™‚

So far – here is a list of ponies I’ve commissioned:

– Fluttershy (chibi fleece and normal sized minky) from happybunny86 and navkaze
– Rainbow Dash (chibi fleece and normal sized minky) from happybunny86 and pulsefirekitten
– Apple Jack (normal sized minky, with a magnetic hat!) from pulsfirekitten
– Pinkie Pie (normal sized minky) from finnickie
– Braeburn (normal sized minky) from finnickie
– Twilight alicorn (normal sized minky) from cryptic-enigma
– Rarity (normal sized minky) from cryptic-enigma
– Princess Cadence (chibi fleece and normal sized minky) from happybunny86 and krafty-kitty
– Shining Armor (chibi fleece and normal sized minky) from happybunny86 and krafty-kitty
– Big McIntosh(normal sized fleece) from Vegeto-UchihaPortgas
– Octavia (normal sized fleece) from Vegeto-UchihaPortgas
– Apple Bloom (chibi fleece and filly sized minky) from happybunny86 and lavim
– Scootaloo (filly sized minky) from lavim
– Sweetie Belle (filly sized minky) from lavim
– MJ OC pony (big sized minky) from Masha

So that means I’ve commissioned 20 PONIES in total over the last month *O* WOWIE!

Anyway! I can’t wait to see them all ๐Ÿ™‚ Will be showcasing them all as they slowly trickle in!

Hope Joe doesn’t read this post otherwise he might freak out XD

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