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Rilakkuma: 10th Anniversary Wonderland Plushies!

Okay – high time for a Rilakkuma related post! Hahaha ^-^

Check out the latest plushie release commemorating Rilakkuma’s 10th Anniversary! It’s the Wonderland theme Rilakkuma!!!! (sorry, that’s a direct google translation of what was written on the San-X site).

Wonderland Theme Rilakkuma!

Wonderland Theme Rilakkuma!

These cuties will be released on the 13th July! And as usual, they are store limited and you can only buy them at Rilakkuma stores (ie. not online). Price for all three is 12,000 JPY which is about $120USD.

As cute and magnificent as they look, I don’t think I will be buying these as I am officially BROKE after my MASSIVE My Little Pony Plushie splurge! And I’m also running out of space to display all my Rilakkuma plushies (and now also 20 PONY PLUSHIES!)! I want to know… what do all you plushie collectors do with your collection? Where/how do you store/display them? I seem to never have enough space! >.< Please share with me any secrets you have! XD


UPDATE (13/06/13): I have decided to buy the pink Korilakkuma float from this series, and maaaaaaybe the Rilakkuma float too – depending on how much my supplier will be selling them for 😀


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  1. Wow your collecting skills are amazing 😀
    For my other plushies besides the kumas, I rotate them in and out and the one’s I’m not displaying I put in a plushie net >.<
    Good luck it's hard!!


    • OOoooo! I see! Plushie net sounds so cute!!!! Hehe. Yea, it’s hard work! In the future when I build my own house, I’m going to set a room aside JUST for my collections 🙂 it can be my de-stress/zen room 😀

      But for now, I really don’t have much space 😦 great idea with rotating them for display 😀 I’ll implement that for my ponies because they won’t be living in ziplock bags like my Kumas 😀


  2. i’m moving to a new place soon and i’ve been thinking about how i want to display my rilakkumas a lot (they’re just in bags right now)… i might be buying a display case with shelves and glass doors so i can see them and keep them dust-free, but haven’t decided yet! also the cases are quite pricey. my plushes are all just in plastic bags right now.


    • Yea! Exactly! I would love those shelves with glass doors – like this would be awesome!

      Rilakkuma Korilakkuma Kiiroitori

      But they are SO expensive – esp in New Zealand! >.< I won't be able to afford those! But it's such a great way to display collections and to keep dust away without having to put the plushies in bags, sometimes I feel a bit sad that all my plushies live inside ziplock bags! But I'd be sadder if they got grease, dirt, dust or dog hair on them 😥

      If you come up with anything please let me know! I'll see if I can think of something as well :< but for now, they live in ziplock bags on a cube shelf 😀


      • Yes, those cases are so nice, but really so expensive! It’s difficult because buying the plushies already eats away at most of my budget… maybe during some part of the year I’ll take a hiatus from buying stuff so I can save money for a case, we’ll see.

        If I come up with a more inexpensive way, I’ll definitely let you know!


  3. I have two rooms specially for my Rilas and Steiff bears, artist bears collection. I have glass doors cabinet (for my LV bags & miniature teddy bears & Rilas) as well as cubicles shelving. Great for displaying your collection…I’m swarmed with too many plushies, esp the huge ones r hard to get a nice big shelving space. I just started on my Scrumps/Stitches and My Melody, Nyanko, Hello Kitties etc..


    • Wow! That’s an impressive collection!! :3. Thanks so much for sharing! Yes, the huge ones can be hard to shelf!! I have to put mine right at the top of shelves, but then they gather dust 😦 so I have to dust them regularly.


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