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My Little Pony: Ok – make that 22 ponies now… :(

Yep – make that 22 ponies now XD

OMG! I really NEED TO STOP! But these artists keep doing this “open for commissions only for 24 hours, first in first served” thing and I just can’t resist! Why am I so weak willed?!

So I woke up in the morning and the first thing I saw was this:

Pinkie Pie Plush by PulsefireKitten greeted me this morning

Pinkie Pie Plush by PulsefireKitten greeted me this morning

My jaw literally dropped to the ground when I saw this adorable & sweet pony plushie! And it’s soooo sad because I’d just commissioned another artist for Pinkie Pie (this artist is also super talented, but this Pinkie Pie here is already made and ready to ship/cuddle) a few days ago.

So what did I do?! Well, I did what I do best… I splurged XD Yep, I have no self control at all. So that adorable Pinkie Pie plush will be on her way to me very soon πŸ™‚

I also commissioned the talented Yukamina-Plushies for a Fleur De Lis pony plushie. I really love the colour scheme and design of this elegantly pretty pony (she reminds me a lot of my Louis Vuittons). I thought Yukamina-Plushies would be the perfect candidate for this commission – her style is so ethereally elegant and powder pink… Like all pony plushie artists, she is super busy though and her commissions are only open for 24 hours with limited spots – so make sure you check her out on deviant art if you are thinking of commissioning her for a pony plushie of your own πŸ˜€

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