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Rilakkuma: My Rilakkuma collection photo update

Just thought I’d do a quick photo update of my Rilakkuma collection as of 11/06/13.

Rilakkuma collection shelf #1

Rilakkuma collection shelf #1

Rilakkuma collection shelf #2

Rilakkuma collection shelf #2

I am running out of space/ideas to store/display my Rilakkuma plushies! Please, if any plushie collectors could share with me how they store/display their plushies that would be deeply appreciated!!!!! Ideally, I would love those display shelves with glass doors – but they’re so expensive in New Zealand and I can’t afford them! šŸ˜„

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    • Yes! Good point! I would! But I have this thing about dust gathering on things placed on top of shelves XD I know, I know, my Rilakkuma are already in bags so dust shouldn’t be a problem >.< but yes, I should start putting things on the top! XD I will get over my fear!


    • Ah yes, good idea! Actually that idea tickled me last night šŸ˜› but I ended up choosing to use some boxes to make display platforms/stairs? within each of my cubes so i can make use of the vertical space… that sounds kinda confusing.. but once it’s done I’ll blog about it! But yes, clear boxes is an excellent idea to keep the dust away and also for stack-able organized displays! Thanks for sharing that!!!!! šŸ˜€


      • Sounds good, I think I know what you are talking about because I have the same idea lol, I am doing that with my glass case right now. Each shelf is a cube shape and I use a small box on a big box to make a stair platform and displays about 9 rilakkuma plushies in each cube. It’s confusing too but I think we have the same idea ^_^ can’t wait to see your revamped display!!


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