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Rilakkuma: Optimising my Rilakkuma display!

So I did some DIY today with one of my Rilakkuma shelves to try and improve its efficiency in the use of space (esp vertical space!) whilst maximizing the number of plushies displayed. And here is the end result!

New Rilakkuma display shelf #1

New Rilakkuma display shelf #1

New Rilakkuma display shelf #1

New Rilakkuma display shelf #1

I used DLE mailing boxes to form 3-tier display platforms in each cube. This meant that I could display my plushies at 3 different levels. The concept’s like this:

display case-500x500

Unfortunately, the boxes were not made to fit the cubes so I couldn’t fit as many kumas as I’d liked in each cube.

I’m actually pretty pleased with the results :D, I can actually see more of my kumas and they are more ‘gathered’ together in each cube. Also, as you can see, the top 3 cubes have been freed! So I have more room for more kumas!!!! XD

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  1. Nicely done! ^_^ now maybe more space for ponies? I really wish I could display my kumas like you Mary! But since my husband is a figure/statue collector, he dominates the shelf space in the house argh!! I desperately need to showcase my kumas like you!! Too jelly lol


    • Oooo hahaha! XD Hey! Your kumas are just as important! Make him make space for you!!!!!!!!! I’ve got a shelving unit ready to be built for my ponies 😀 should be done this weekends 😉 it’ll sit right beside this Rilakkuma shelf (both in my bedroom), unfortunately, couldn’t fit the 2nd Rilakkuma shelf in as well, so that one’s in the baby room for now hahaha XD

      But yea, as I was saying – make your husband make space for your kumas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Hehe I plan to slowly take over his shelf space… Lol, baby will definitely enjoy seeing all those kumas in her room ^_^ my daughter is becoming so interested in my kumas lately, and she wants to play with all of them!! Yup she’s becoming a rilakkuma addict like her mom lol


  2. Wow that looks so awesome that’s a great idea!! Always love seeing your whole collection it just makes me smile


    • Thanks!!! Yes – I love collection group pics! They are so colourful! So you must do one too! XD XD

      I see a lot of collection pics where they just lay all the kumas on the bed – it looks so amazing!!


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