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My Little Pony: Cloudchaser plushie addition :D

Yay! Just bought myself a gorgeous Cloudchaser pony plushie by the talented Little-Broy-Peep-Inc. I’ve been eyeing her ponies for a while now, but her commission prices are a bit out of my usual price range ($350USD++++). However, this Cloudchaser plushie was going at a discounted price on Ebay and also, I am willing to pay more for a completed plushie than for a commission (I can see the exact pony I will be getting/don’t have to wait for it to be made). So here she is – I think she’s gorgeous! cc4 cc2 cc3 cc5 CC1

She’s made completely of cuddly soft minky and stands 15″ tall from hooves to mane. I really love Cloudchaser’s unique punky/tom-boyish design and her shooting star cutie mark. I reckon she’s waaaaayyyy cooler than Rainbow Dash 😛 😛 maybe 50% cooler 😉

Anyway, next week should be a great week for me because a lot of my pony plushies should be arriving 😀 😀 woopie!!!!! So excited! XD

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  1. This just might be my favorite of all the ponies that you have, it’s so cute!!! I wish I had that one lol lucky~


  2. Wow this one looks so cute!! I really like the colors. I still cannot imagine all the hard work in making a one of a kind plushie! It looks so amazing and professionally done. These pony plushies really are well worth it. I can’t wait to see your whole lineup of ponies together! ^_^


    • Thanks!!!! Yes! It takes many many months of experimentation with patterns etc and many hours of hard work to make them, so I guess that’s why they’re so expensive!!! >.< But yes, they are totally worth it!!! If only I could be so talented!!!! :<


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