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Rilakkuma: New forest themed? Rilakkuma series!

Thought I’d share this leaked picture of the newest forest themed? Rilakkuma series for release in August/October 2013?  I saw this from a fellow Rilakkuma fan so all credits go to her super duper detective work! Thank you for sharing with us! 😉

rilakkuma new

Yes! And I totally agree that Kiiro looks like Totoro ;)!!!!

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    • Haha! Sorry for all the posts! It’s nice having time off and hobbies to blog about so i can get a bit carried away at times! :p yes! This set is very special! And I knew when I saw it that you would love that Kiiro XD


      • Haha it’s ok! I’m glad you’re posting so often, it gives me something to read and I love seeing your new MLP hauls 😀

        You know me too well 😉 I MUST have that kiiroitori XD


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