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Quick blog update

Just wanted to do a quick blog update/clean-up.

I’ve decided to categorize my posts so that you guys can navigate to posts that you are interested in, rather than forcing you to plough through pages and pages of posts of no interest to you.Β  You can find the list of categories on my sidebar to the right πŸ™‚

I’m also aware that most of you only started frequenting my blog because of Rilakkuma (after all, my blog IS named after Rilakkuma ;)), so I must apologize that my passion and collection (and wallet!!!!) seem to have somewhat branched out to also include My Little Pony plushies and a bit of League of Legends models πŸ˜€ (and teeny tiny bit of Louis Vuitton).

Lastly, I promise I’ll eventually blog more about Rilakkuma again (esp once I receive my pre-ordered 10th Anniversary sets next month) once I have an army of My Little Pony plushies built up :). I hope you find my pony plushies kawaii/colourful and worth your time too ^-^




My Little Pony


League of Legends


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  1. I love reading about everything on your blog! Love the variety and cuteness! I am much more interested in my little ponies because of your blog! ^_^ and the LoL figures are awesome!


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