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My Little Pony: Rarity auction

Thought I’d do a super brief post on my ‘fabulous’ win (without bidding war, yay!) on a Rarity plushie auction on Ebay 😀

Rarity plushie by burzurk

Rarity plushie by burzurk

Rarity plushie by burzurk

Rarity plushie by burzurk

I love love LOVE how burzurk did her mane and tail 😀 as kefkafloyd stated in his colour guide for Rarity – “the inside of her mane has a shimmering gradient which gives her a luminescent glow”, and not many artists I’ve seen have captured that!

Rarity's colour scheme by kefkafloyd

Rarity’s colour scheme by kefkafloyd

Furthermore, I love how her tail starts of 3D and then ends in flat curls – this adds a lot more volume and ‘fabulousness’ :). Also, her eyes are so expressive and sooooooo Rarity-like! XD

I knew I just HAD to HAVE her when I saw her 😀 and I’m happy I did, without having to endure a bidding war too! 😉 I love Rarity so much! She’s got such a unique, humorous and ‘flawed’ personality! XD

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