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Rilakkuma: Another Wonderland release….

Rilakkuma: Another Wonderland release....

OMG! Another one! When will this kawaii-ness stop?! They look so adorable in their little thrones!!!

I might be grabbing these! But I’m not sure when they will be released! My fav is Kori! So sweet and pink!

Will ask my seller to see whether he could find out the release date for these cuties! Will keep you all posted! 😉

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    • oooooo! cool! 😀 Thanks for finding out for me! You know how I preordered the floats? Well, my seller unfortunately missed out on them! so he refunded me :< but now I have extra $$ for this throne set! I really want them! X3


      • If I find a way to get them ill gladly help. I hope they’re not just for Osaka preorder >.<


  1. I feel you! All the new releases makes me dizzy but it’s not that I complain it 😉 I love how SAN-X keep create a new things it’s just my money can’t keep up 😦
    And I feel sorry that you didn’t manage to get the floats! Will you still go for the floats or you’ll go to this thrones instead? 😀


      • I really want getting these too! But not sure if there’s a seller can get it since this exhibition is not around Tokyo 😦 If no one can help then auction is the only way then 😦 Hope your seller can get these for you 🙂


  2. Wah, another set?? They’re so cute!! My wallet can’t keep up so I’m passing on these haha but I’ll be excited to see when someone in the Rilakkuma world inevitably posts photos 🙂


    • Yes! I know! >.< omg, so many right?! But there one aren't too expensive… so I'm going to try get them, but according to Ariel, sounds like they're kinda hard to get, so who knows? I might miss out on them too!!!! :< (like how I missed out on the floats I'd already paid for!)


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