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My Little Pony: Dangerous Mission Fluttershy!!!!!

Hehehe :3 I’m so proud to present the pre-shipment pics for my a-dorable Dangerous Mission Fluttershy by the super talented Sophillia!!!!! :3


This was Sophillia’s first plushie with a completely removable outfit! Her wings are removable too! (so they wouldn’t create a lumpy look underneath her outfit :3) And she also kindly added a bonus scarf to give her “an aviator look”! Awwwwww ~

Sophillia’s a popular and highly sought after plushie artist (her commission slots filled up within 24 hours) and this was my first ever plushie from her. I actually had a few artists lined up for the job, but I decided to go with her in the end, because she was happy to make Fluttershy’s outfit completely removable and quoted me a very decent price (and also of course, her Fluttershys are just tooooo cute!).


Sophillia was also such a sweetie and so easy to work with :3 She actually accepted my commission before her commissions officially opened up so I’m very grateful to her! And she worked pretty fast for such a big & complex project. It took her about 2 weeks in total :3 (and she was sitting her finals too! O.o)

Anyway – I’ll be sure to gush more about this cutie when she arrives! Her journey to her new forever home may prove to be slightly perilous and would take several days – let’s hope Fluttershy manages to make it out of this “dangerous mission” unscathed!

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  1. Wow! She’s so cute with her outfit!! And it’s removable too. Will you be getting a sapphire shores? She looks tough to make >.<


    • Thank you Ariel! :3 LOL! She looks very unique! But nope, don’t think I’m getting her :3, I’m itching for camping outfit Rarity/fashion model fluttershy/Cadance #3! XD


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