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My Little Pony: Commission update :3

Update (5/5/14): I have since commissioned KairiGurl for Cadence + Shining Armour (price quote was $780USD) and had paid 30% deposit. It took her more than 9 months to complete it and I barely got any updates. In the end, I told her to keep my 30% deposit and cancelled my commission. I won’t be commissioning her in the future, and I don’t recommend her to anyone else either.

Before I start my list of announcements:

I’ve been receiving messages from readers who have expressed interest in buying/adopting my pony plushies. I want to thank you so much for your interest :3, but please be considerate and mindful that the average prices I paid for my ponies range from $250-$500USD and that’s not even including shipping costs!

The prices are so high because each pony takes many many hours/days/weeks of careful crafting and material costs are extremely high (minky is expensive!Β  About $18-23USD a yard)! That’s not even considering the many days/months/years many of them have put in to develop their own plushie patterns/machine costs etc! PLUS – each plushie is completely handmade and one of a kind!!!!!

Sorry, I’m not trying to single anyone out here :3, just thought this would be useful to know, esp for those new to and interested in pony plushie collecting.Β  Actually, I was like all of you once – shocked at the pricing of these pony plushies, until I met my first custom pony plushie.

Just a few quick updates :3

First announcement – it looks like Fashion Model Fluttershy has pretty much won the August contest (Camping Rarity coming in a close second), so today I’ve gone on ahead to commission her :D. I had a few potential candidates lined up for this project, but in the end I still chose to go with Lavim :3 I’ve had great experiences working with her and her prices are dirt cheap compared to many other artists of her level :D…. and I’ve also commissioned Lavim for my MJ Forever OC pony! So they’ll be pony #5 and #6 from Lavim πŸ˜€ At this rate, I’ll be commissioning her for a pony plushie on a monthly basis!



Second announcement – I’m sooo sorry everyone, but I’ve broken your trust :< I’ve gone ahead and commissioned Princess Cadance + Shining Armour from Kairigurl (she was the fantastic artist who made my Fluttershy #1) a few days ago :3 – the reason being I JUST LOVE THEM TOO MUCH! They’ll be my second Princess Cadance and Shining Armour plushie set (in case you’re wondering – I’m still waiting for my first set :< it’s been a little over 2 months already! I have received some WIP photos though) and they’ll both have ‘kissing magnets’ inserted so they’ll be able to kiss!!!! XD

165547 - Cadence princess_cadence royal_wedding screencap screenshot shining_armor spoiler spoilers spoiler_alert

Third annoucement – CHECK OUT THESE WIP PICS FOR MY CRYSTAL PONY APPLE JACK!!!! (it’s finally my turn in the queue!)



And my final announcement – MARDELIA SHOULD BE DONE TOMORROW!!!! :3 I’m soooo very excited! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to see her!!!!!

I spent the day tweaking Mardelia’s overall design and colour scheme to make her clearer/easier for my plushie artist to work with, and this is what I’m going to settle on. (original drawing by *Alasou)

Oh – and here’s a better picture of my Princess Luna with her tiara –

Princess Luna plushie by PlushieScraleos

Princess Luna plushie by PlushieScraleos

Hehe :3 Thanks for reading!!!!! πŸ˜€

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  1. Wow I just love them all. You could never break my trust I know those two are your favs lol hmmm your OC pony is going to be amazing!! And I’m drooling at Princess Luna…I just love how pretty she is as a plush.

    Same here I’ve accepted the high prices because they’re worth it in the end plus I spend at good chunk on Rilakkuma anyway. Now if I could just take some of the kuma budget I’d be good to go but its so hard…how did you ever break away!


    • Awww thanks!!!!! πŸ˜€ that really means a lot to me!!! :3

      In terms of breaking away… hmm… I guess I started being very selective with which series I got once I was satisified with my existing collection. And to be honest, at the moment, some series just don’t excite me as much as others, so I pass on those ones. I mean, they’re all cute of course! because they are Rilakkumas haha, but if I collected all the Rilakkumas – I wouldn’t be able to collect other things eg ponies. Sometimes I find myself buying series for the sake of it – rather than loving it – so now I’ve changed my mindset a little.

      Also, for me it was easy to reduce my expenditure on kumas, because I discovered ponies! And I guess if you have something else you’d like to collect, then you’ll find it’s easier to ‘break away’ from collecting kumas!

      I still enjoy looking at kuma collections/my own collection, and I still continue to keep up to date and collect the series I love (as opposed to like)!

      The same phenomenon would surely happen with my pony collection too! At the moment, I only have a few MUST HAVE ponies so once I’m satisfied with my pony collection, I’ll start to slow right down. I’ve actually started slowing down already :3

      And you ❀ Luna so much, you totally should get her!!! :3 She'll make a great display πŸ˜‰ hehe – another reason I love ponies – THEY STAND ON THEIR OWN!!! XD


      • He he that is a good reason!! Yeah I know what you mean I really try to pass on series but I regret it and feel bad but I passed on the thrones and I’m happy you’re getting them so I can see them ^^ I like collecting Beatles stuff, geeky things like comic books and figures and dvds but Rilakkuma has taken so much of the budget maybe I should spread it out more and collect many things!! You’re pretty cool with your LOL figures I can start playing again now that I finally got wifi yesterday…..not big in Japan for some reason (maybe no one needs it) and I don’t like playing on the sofa >.< I'll see you on sometime soon πŸ˜‰


      • Oooo I see :3 yea! You should plaaaaay! But you know, I’ve migrated to the Oceania server (they recently opened up) so we won’t be able to play together unless you’re also in Oceania server… ALSO – now you’re in Japan! So your ping might not be that good if you stay on the NA server :3 I might move back to NA though πŸ˜€ will see!


  2. Wow, princess Luna is by far my favorite from your collection thus far. Shes mesmerizing! Headless pony is kiiiiinda creepy but interesting to see the process =P fluttershys pink, green and yellow combo will look too cute in plush form!


    • Lol! Thanks Angel! But that’s exactly what I’m talking about! There’s a massive fanbase for Luna! That’s why I decided to commission her! But to be honest, I do like Luna, but I like the other two princesses (Cadance and Celestia) better! I think maybe because I like the red/pink/warm colours? I don’t know!!! >.< Luna just doesn't appeal to me as much!


  3. Omg kissing magnets? Wow, that’s such a cute and clever thing to add! I’m sure they’ll look really great together πŸ™‚ I really love the work in progress photos – I agree with Angel that it’s so cool to see part of how its done, but haha the headless pony was surprising. Whew, so excited to see all of your commissions!!


    • hehe, thanks! I know! Kissing magnets will be sooo awesome! XD And I’m so terribly excited about the pair XD And I love WIP! Esp if they’re for my ponies!!!!!!!!! And yes – they do look a bit funny when headless :< but trust me – she'll be awesome once gets her head! πŸ˜‰


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