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Rilakkuma: 10th Anniversary & Thrones Rilakkuma Series are here! :3

They are here!!!!!!!!!!  But it’s so late and I don’t like taking photos under artificial lighting – so I’ll take more detailed pics tomorrow under the natural daylight.  But WOW!  Especially the thrones series!  THEY ARE SO AMAZINGLY CUTE AND CUDDLY!  I’m so excited and happy with them that I just had to snap a few photos to share for now 😀  Also, my husband’s working until late tomorrow so I’ll have to look after Melody the whole day… I might not get the chance to take photos and blog :< we’ll see!



But wow! The thrones set is so much BIGGER than I had expected!!!! And they’re sooo beautiful and they stand on their own! I hope you’re going to get your set soon, Wendy – because they are absolutely amazing! They are vividly colourful, buttery soft and cuddly and also beautifully sparkly! And the GOLD TASSELS!!!! OMG! This calls for FANGIRL MOMENT!

I am so happy I didn’t give this set a miss because it’s amongst my favourites (it’s also my husband’s new favourite!)!

The 10th Anniversary Sparkly Red Tuxedo set is also super cute and sparkly! I’ll be sure to gush more about this set tomorrow too!

But for now – I need to head off for dinner, and I’ll hopefully get the chance to take detailed pics + blog about both sets tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. OMG didn’t know if the throne set is kinda big! 😀 So cool! I actually just bought the sparkle ones too, just couldn’t resist it! Now I kinda regret that I letting go the throne ones 😦 But it’s OK hope the sparkle will cover it up.
    Can’t wait for your detailed pics!


    • Yea! The throne set is pretty big 😀 the kumas/kiiroitori sitting in the thrones are bigger than the standard sized ones!!! And the details are so pretty! (like there are patterns at the back of the thrones) I’ll take those pics hopefully tomorrow and show you all!!!!


  2. Oh they are so cool looking yes much bigger than I thought!! I can’t wait to see the reveal pictures. It’s always a nice touch if they stand on their own. I’m so excited to see more details since I’ll be only seeing the through your pics he he.
    I bet your little girl is getting bigger and soon she’ll be after your collections~Yep I am also fangirling lol it’s like tumblr now XD


    • Hehe fangirling = like tumblr, you are SO right! XD

      And yes! They are much bigger than I’d thought too! :3 :3 Hope the ‘detailed’ pics I did today would suffice! XD And yes! She’s nearly 6 months old and eating pureed food already 😀 She already constantly tries to grab my ponies + rilakkumas HAHA she fixates on them when I carry her past my shelves – they’re too colourful and enticing for her. I gave her my failness MJ OC pony plushie to play with 😀 and she loves it!


  3. The throne plushes are AWESOME! Waaaaaaaah, every time I see someone who has them (everyone) I get this urge to buy them! It’s probably too late now anyway but, omg, what’s that book!?


    • YES! THEY ARE AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWSSSSSSOOOOOMMMMMEEEEEEE! And I read your comment about the undesirable villagers – LOL – you’re so meeeeeaaaaannnn (and hilarious!)! They’re undesirable because they’re UGLY?! XD meanie!

      And book? OOOOO – the free gift folder thing? hehe – just a complimentary gift, it’s basically a folder with some stickers/posters in it! 😀


    • Thank you! I wish I could tell you that they’re not amazing but yes… they are pretty amazing :< I ❤ them so much!!! 😀 I was so very lucky to get a set because they were pretty elusive and a lot of fans found out about them late as well (I was one of them :s)


    • Thank you so much! You’ve hit the nail on the head – REGAL! That’s the word I’ve been looking for to describe them!!! 😀 And hehe, they look better under daylight though hehehehe XD


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